The Power of Mascots in Branding.
In basic terms, in design and marketing, a mascot is a character, a personified image that becomes a symbolic representation of a brand, company or even a public figure.
Mascot becomes a good interconnector between the user and the product. In interfaces, it can serve well as a basic element of communication and interaction.
Here are some cases.
Team Tankers is a shipping company, with destinations worldwide.
Having employees from different nations and with multiple languages , they needed to address the safety protocol on every ship in a unified manner.
Safety Scott was designed specifically for delivering lifesaving information in a 
simple and engaging style.

See the case here
Carl Ras is a tool and hardware store with a big online presence.
In a crowded market they saw the need too differentiate themselves while engaging more with the customers.
With the power of branding the concept of Carla was born.
See the case here
TDC Group is the largest telecommunications company in Denmark.
With over 8.000 employees , online safety is more important than ever and the need for proper education on the matter is in high demand. 
Putting a face on user behaviour helps visualise not only danger but correct instructions.

See the case here
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