Storyboarding is a great tool for any film production.
In close dialog with the client, director and/or screenwriter, we go over the narrative and how it could play out. In the early stage of the project I sketch roughly to get the storytelling and cinematography aligned. When everyone is happy, the next step is taking it to the finish degree needed.
There are many forms of boards, from shooting boards to presentation stills and even animatics for usergroup testing.
Here are some examples of finish degrees.
Black and white are the basics of any storyboard.
If it doesn't read at this level it won't read at all ...

See example here
Shootingboard example here
Greytones opens up for light and shadow in a softer way
and are great for nuancing scenes and show great emotion.
 See example here

A limited color palette goes a long way
and can really wow your client
 with a few frames.

See presentation here
Fully colored storyboards is for when you really want to impress with your project and blow people away. 
Its the final push your investor needs to push the GO button.
Se example here
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